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This holiday season we have partnered with British designer, Laura Reed. Her exquisite handcrafted paper baubles feature in this year’s in-store displays.

To add a personal touch to your decorations, follow our guide to making your own paper baubles just like Laura’s.


What you’ll need to get started

In order to begin making your beautiful homemade decorations, you’ll need just a few simple items.

Top tip

Before buying all your materials, have a look around your home for anything that you could repurpose and reuse. 


  • Thin coloured card of your choice – we recommend using sustainable FSC paper  
  • Items to decorate the card. This could be anything from ribbons to paint or pom-poms
  • Glue
  • Stapler and staples
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Downloadable bauble template

We have created a downloadable template of the bauble shapes to help make the process of creating your bauble as simple as possible.

Directions to make your bauble

Step one

Using the downloadable template as a guide, cut out 12 identical bauble shapes from thin card and then embellish the bauble shapes however you wish.

Step two

Fold each of the bauble shapes in half to create a fold line and gather into two groups. Place the two groups back to back and staple along the middle to hold them in place.

Step three

Once stapled, fan out the individual bauble sheets and then begin to glue the sheets of card together, ensuring you alternate from top to bottom.

Step four

Using the downloadable template as a guide, cut out the three bauble cap shapes from thin card and fold down the edges of the ‘cap’.

Step five

Carefully fold each segment of the ‘cap coat’ to easily bend and glue around the cap, ensuring each segment is aligned. Glue the cap hook to the cap. 

Step six

Attach the cap hook to the finished cap and glue to the bauble. Once the glue has dried, thread your ribbon through the cap hook and hang your finished bauble on the tree. 

Follow Laura Reeds creation 

Decorating Forever

Making your own decorations this holiday season isn’t just about creating beautiful baubles. It’s about the thought that goes into it and the story behind it. It’s also about looking after the planet, even in a small way. Year-on-year, these beautiful designs can be reused and remade. They can become part of your holiday traditions to last Forever, passed from one generation to the next.

The look:

Get the look that Laura is wearing that features in the bauble making video and images.

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