Exceptional Diamonds

Forevermark is pleased to present the Exceptional Diamond Collection, an exclusive selection of some of the most exquisite and rare diamonds in the world.  Forevermark is built on the promise that each diamond to earn our inscription must be beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. The Exceptional Diamond Collection represents the pinnacle of that promise: some of the earth's most magnificent creations, in carat weights that demonstrate just how magical and stunning nature's beauty can be. Few diamonds will ever reach this echelon. 

What Makes a Diamond Exceptional?

Exceptional Diamonds are kept separate from other diamonds from the moment of discovery. Their carat weight, colour and purity classify them as extraordinarily valuable and rare. Of all of the polished diamonds resulting from the rough diamonds mined by the De Beers Group of Companies, only one in million can be become a polished Exceptional diamond. They are truly in a class of their own. 

The Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection consists of diamonds that are of superior quality and typically above five carats when polished. This exclusive collection is currently being introduced by Forevermark through a select group of Forevermark Jewellers, chosen for their outstanding expertise. 

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FIVE THIRTY TWO is a fancy yellow, radiant shaped Exceptional Diamond

The Inscription

The Forevermark inscription, 1/20th of a micron deep (or 1/5000th the width of a human hair), is a symbol of the Forevermark promise. Invisible to the naked eye, the inscription on each Exceptional Diamond carries the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number that captures several of its key identifying elements: the year it was discovered, its rough carat weight, and its polished carat weight. Entirely unique, it is a symbol of the diamond's distinct characteristics and individual journey.

The owner of each Forevermark Exceptional Diamond is invited to name the diamond, bestowing upon it additional meaning that will be tied to the diamond forever, and to register the inscription number, providing additional assurance.

The Exceptional Diamond Journey Booklet

Each Exceptional Diamond is accompanied by a beautiful book that details its personal journey and includes key dates in the diamond’s life, the rough and polished carat weights, photographs of the diamond as it evolved from rough to polished at the hands of master cutters, and its qualification as one of the select diamonds in the world to carry the Forevermark promise.

Each Exceptional Diamond also comes with a silicon mold of the diamond in its rough form, a travel pouch, a grading report, a Forevermark identification card, and the Forevermark Promise booklet.

Follow the journey of one Exceptional Diamond, TEN FIFTY, below.

The Journey of an Exceptional Diamond: Ten Fifty

Every diamond has its own story. Follow the journey of one Forevermark Exceptional Diamond, named TEN FIFTY due to its polished carat weight (10.50 carats).

A Billion Years in the Making

Geological analysis indicates that TEN FIFTY is likely to have been created deep beneath the earth's crust in molten rock between 1.0 AND 3.2 BILLION YEARS AGO, under pressure fifty times that of our atmosphere. About 90 MILLION years ago, a volcanic explosion brought it to the earth's surface, where it was concealed again by falling ash and rock. As the volcano cooled, TEN FIFTY remained trapped within a vast cone of hardened magma, known as Kimberlite. Millions of years later, in 2012, TEN FIFTY was discovered at a mine operated by the De Beers Group of Companies.

Responsible Sourcing

In order for a mine to become a Forevermark responsible source, it has to be committed to very high business, social and environmental standards, ensuring sustainable benefits to its employees, the community in which the mine operates and the surrounding environment.

Cutting & Polishing

Cutting and polishing a rough diamond is a form of art. It takes exceptional skill and years of hands-on training to cultivate, and only a master-level craftsman can manage the challenging task of cutting and polishing a diamond of significance. One of these Master Cutters carefully evaluates each diamond and envisions exactly how it should be cut to bring it to the highest level of beauty and brilliance.  “Every stone is its own piece of artwork. I have to pull out all of the beauty that is inside it and make it as good as it can be. Every one has its own personality and unique challenges." - Master Cutter at a Forevermark Diamantaire

Revealing the Beauty From Within

TEN FIFTY was carefully evaluated by a Master Cutter, using sophisticated technology and their own finely-honed finesse to unlock its full spectral brilliance. It then took hours upon hours of work by at least five craftsmen to bring TEN FIFTY to its 10.50 polished carat weight. The natural shape and finish of TEN FIFTY upon discovery, was a world apart from the polished diamond it is today.

Individual Selection

Once its beauty and brilliance were revealed, TEN FIFTY traveled to the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Antwerp. At this center of excellence, cutting-edge technology and some of the most accomplished gemologists in the world worked together to submit TEN FIFTY to a thorough 27-step evaluation.  Like all Forevermark diamonds, TEN FIFTY not only met our stringent criteria that go beyond the standard 4Cs, but also was beautiful enough to carry the Forevermark promise. A number of diamonds that undergo this rigorous process are rejected, ensuring that only a diamond of exceptional beauty is bestowed with the Forevermark name.

The Inscription

The Forevermark inscription is a symbol of the Forevermark promise. Invisible to the naked eye, it includes the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number that captures several of its key identifying elements: the year it was discovered (11, for 2011), its rough carat weight (20.76), and its polished carat weight (10.50). The inscription is a symbol of the diamond's distinct characteristics and individual journey.

Registering & Naming Your Diamond

The final step in TEN FIFTY'S remarkable journey is registering it on Register My Diamond on Forevermark.com. Owners of a Forevermark Exceptional Diamond are invited to name their diamond to connect it to their family for generations to come through the diamond’s unique inscription. Registering the inscription provides assurance that the diamond will always be linked to them.

Find Your Exceptional Diamond

Only select Forevermark Jewellers have been chosen to showcase the Exceptional Diamond Collection. An Exceptional Diamond may be purchased as a loose diamond or in a finished piece of jewellery.  Contact a Jeweller authorised to carry the Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection using the list below.

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